Lecq Equipement

Operator assistance

Our EQUIPMENT department puts its skills and know-how at your disposal to offer you handling equipment for the layout of workstations.

Our means enable us to handle loads while optimising the available work areas, in perfect ergonomics and in complete safety for both men and equipment.

Lecq Equipement


  • LISTENING: We analyse the project environment, the available space, the production cycle and the user’s needs to quickly establish an operational proposal.
  • DESIGN: Computer design allows us to optimize the layout of the manipulator, the rhythm of the gesture and its ergonomics.
  • REALIZATION: Our 100 years of experience in process mechanization have enabled our employees to benefit from our know-how and to master all the techniques.
  • INSTALLATION: Previously tested in our workshops, our product is designed to be quickly installed by our technicians considering the existing structures and the production requirements of our customers.
  • TRAINING: Designers, manufacturers and installers, we are naturally able to train your teams in the use and maintenance of our manipulators.
  • ASSISTANCE: When commissioning the manipulator, we can assist you on site. This assistance effectively complements the training previously provided.
  • SUPPORT: After the warranty period, we can offer you run maintenance contract to ensure the follow-up of our products. Listening to your evolutions, we adapt and complete our systems.