Standard cylinders

Our range of standard cylinders originally designed for the mining industry is perfectly adapted to operate in hostile environments (dust, humidity). Their robust and reliable design guarantees their longevity. Our complete range of products is the perfect answer to all your needs

Circuit accessories

The purpose of accessories is to adjust a flow rate, quickly empty a tank, reduce exhaust noise and connect devices together.

Valves and solenoid valves

Intelligent crust breaker & aluminia feeder device CBAFD

Our CBAFD's are equipped with energy saving functions (80% compared to a standard solution), bath detection and limit switches as well as an electronic data acquisition system that will be able to help our customers in the operation of their installations. Our system, thanks to the energy savings generated, leads greener aluminium production and allows our customers to make substantial savings.


The choice of our partner was based on the same values: to design high-tech, reliable and robust products. Our collaboration based on the same company philosophy allows us to bring you maximum satisfaction.

Air treatment